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Why pay more money to a squad of people who call themselves "Geeks" and drive fancy cars? We are affordable and speak a language you can understand, not "Geek".


Got a problem with your home computer? Need an memory upgrade, Processor, Motherboard, new CD or hard drive installed, how about a PC built from the ground up with all the best components? Would you like a wireless network to enable that brand new laptop to surf the internet from anywhere in the house? Please Contact us we can have you up and running quickly.


Computer Connections of Colorado can troubleshoot and repair or install Servers and Workstations in your Small Business. We can setup your Windows environment to include Domain Controllers running Active Directory, and an Email Server using Microsoft Exchange. We can design and setup your small business network from the hardware selection and physical cabling, to the configuration of wired and/or wireless routers and switches.

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